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photo No.1783

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Jockomo's Custom Made Inlaysticker Ai Love

Thank you!!!

Body: Custom-Made Ai (Love)

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Thank you for sending the photo!
(This product is custom made.)

photo No.1782

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Roman Numeral Inlay Stickers Fret Markers on Guitar Fretboard

Numbers rule the ... fretboard!
Fret Markers by Inlaysticker's Jockomo!

Fret: Roman Numeral

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Thank you for your picture.
We're very happy to hear you liked our product.
"Numbers Fret Markers just fit to your 7 string guitar. It's so COOL !
Hope to deal with you again.

photo No.1781

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Hummingbird Inlay Sticker on Turntables and Featers Inlaystickers on Taylor Guitar Headstock

Hello, from Los Angeles, California here.
I'm the guy that uses the hummingbird inlay on my audiophile turntables (#1273 in your gallery).
Although each one is uniquely designed, they all have the hummingbird, lacquered over and block sanded until smooth. theses are all SOLID 5A figured hardwood, no veneers. curly maple, flame Koa, Claro and Bastogne walnut, just to name a few. these new ones are huge, 28" x 20". the geometry dictates that the tonearm be 13". like they said in spinal tap, " that's one more, innit ??" what's funny is with all the expense and work that goes into these, the one thing everyone raves about is the hummingbird.

And finally got around to using them on my vast guitar collection. like my turntables.
I lacquer over them and block sand until the surface is smooth too. Everyone thinks they are real
Thanks again, your product makes life just a little bit cooler and you have a customer for life.

Turntables: Hummingbird DX
Headstock: White Feathers

■Store manager
Thank you for sending those amazing pics!
Always love to see someone's guitar collection and their record collection including turntables!
The guitar looks fabulous. It looks like the feathers're going down to the headstock, like the drawing of the guitar's gentle tone.
And the turntables... I'm so impressed by your work!
It's such an honored to be part of your great turntables that are built on your in-depth knowledge. Love 'em all!
We're very happy to get a customer for life!