They look like REAL inlay! For Guitar and Bass, Ukulele more...

The products made by the player, for the players.
Established in 2007

modify guitar with inlay decal

Super Thin! Material : PET

They will not get caught under your fingers while playing.
No Adhesive is left behind if you peel off the sticker(Decals).
Anyone can enjoy it! From a beginner to luthier!

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Item Categories

Fret Markers

flowers with hummingbird inlay for guitar Tree of life MOP inlay for guitar Jerry Garcia model fret inlay Ibaniz type shark fin inlay epiphone style block crown fret markers Bat wing abalone inlay

You can install these on your electric or acoustic guitar.
They don't damage the guitar and don't effect the sound what so ever.
It is available with use such as Finger Ease Spary or Lemon Oil after installed.
standard (square, dots, diamond...)
Unique products (cat paws, fireflame,cross,skull,batwing...)
Tree Of Life (beautiful vines with hummingbird, rose, leaf...)

Headstock and Body

Old torch inlay for guitar headstock Fleur de Lys Inlay for peghead small rose inlay eagle inlay Splattered Blood decals hummingbird and flowers gibson for pickguard

No Adhesive is left behind if you peel off the sticker(Decals).
You can modify your Guitar easily.
Headstock (crown, diamond, flower, torch...)
Body (Hummingbird, Cross, Skull, Eagle, Rose...)

Signature Series

Steve Vai model DNA Line fret markers James Hetfield/Man To Wolf Werewolf Fret Markers AC/DC Angus Lightning Bolt inlay Garcia headstock eagle inlay James Hetfield Iron Cross decal Jerry Garcia wolf guitar decal

AC/DC lightning bolt fret markers, 4 symbols (Led Zeppelin), DNA Line/Steve Vai Fret Markers, Pentagram/Kevin Bond Fret Markers, Sambora's Stars Fretboard Markers, Hetfield Iron Cross Stickers...

Ukulele Friendly Items

Hibiscus Flowers Rosette for UKULELE Sound Hole Purfling Honu ukulele decal abalone ukulele peghead inlay Little Mermaid ukulele decorative  inlay decal small torch headstock decal fret markers decorative inlay decal

So cute ! Dolphin, Owl, Hula-Girl, Hibiscus, Honu (Turtles) and more!

Custom Engraved & Custom Named Fret Markers

les paul type truss rod cover custom engraved les paul type truss rod cover custom engraved custom engraved 8 font custom named 12th fret marker custom named 24th fret marker custom named 10th fret marker for ukulele

Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover

Upgrade your guitar(s) with a custom engraved cover !!!
It's Not Printed, Not Stickers. It's Engraved.
Available in 4 style plate and 8 style font.

Custom Named Fret Markers

Upgrade Your Guitar / Bass / Ukulele With a Custom Fret Marker !
Available in 7 style color and 8 style font.


wow what a change for one of old looking Bass. easy. they WORK.

very nice , they are great. I make cigar box guitars and these make great fret markers for the money. I always put a coat of polyurethane over them to make sure they dont get damaged or peel off down the road.

I've had these for over a month and i still have no problem with these stickers. they look really awesome.

About The Color

white pearl aged white pearl abalone blue abalone green abalone green abalone mixed abalone red ocher black pearl metallic

I print various "Mother of Pearl" or Shell types(Abalone) of designs: Yellows, Reds and Greens. On a base of White Silver, I'm making use of a natural shine, which allows it to simulate and imitate actual inlay.
We don't use a material sheet as your expectation.
Our factory makes these things in a very specific way.
To put it shortly, we are doing two things(printing & cutting) in same process.
We adjust the color to each design of products.