Inlay Stickers:for Guitar,Bass and Ukulele and more

Inlay Stickers

They look like REAL inlay!

For Guitar and Bass, Ukulele more...
Fret Markers For Guitar and Bass, Ukulele, Headstock Decal,Rosette For Acoustic,Competition Racing Line,Pickups Decals,Custom Engraving Truss Rod Cover

Inlay Stickers

Super-Thin! Super-Thin!!Material is PET
They will not get caught under your fingers while playing.
No Adhesive is left behind if you peel off the sticker(Decals).

Anyone can enjoy it! From a beginner to luthier!


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photo No.964

Gibson SG
Want to share this picture with you...applied the inlay stickers is beautiful!

....with the same inlay kit, I had several left, and applied one at the 12th fret on my Gibson SG....I can look at it, and decide to do the entire fretboard..very nice...will place order soon! I like your product!!!
Steve H.
Peoria, AZ. USA

photo No.963

Mitchell MX400
Here is my other inlay. Very nice J. Garcia wolf inlay on my Alvarez jumbo.
I have full size resolution and also In RAW format.

Thanks , Again! It fits perfectly with Alvarez jumbo.This layout is so nice. Garcia is installed to fingerboard leavingoriginal 12th fret maker.
Hope to deal with you again!

photo No.962

homemade v guitar
Hi finally sending a picture of my homemade v guitar.It uses your black pearl cross inlays.The body is made from Tassie blackwood the neck and fingerboard are tallowood.All australian native.
Jason Howard.

Thank you for your pics.It looks good!!I'm very interested in Australian Wood.It is so good and really see in the picture.Black Pearl Cross Fret Markers fits perfectly with your guitar. Hope to deal with you again!

photo No.941

Mitchell MX400
The stickers arrived just fine today, I applied them and they're looking great!!!
I'm sending you two pictures of my Fender acoustic with your stickers.
Thanks :)
- Omri Lahav

Thank you for sending pictures.
Fender Classic Design Series, this guitar is CD-10CE, isn't it? It looks good!!!! Vine of Life on figerboard, Gothic Line DS on Pickgurd. It fits perfectly in this gear.

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How to Apply "Inlay Sticker"

Apply your inlaystickers to a surface by following these simple and easy step!

  1. Apply pressure to the entire decal surface with pick or Nail squeegee. DO NOT remove transfer tape.
  2. Remove the backing paper.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the position, Apply the sticker.
  4. Apply the sticker by pressureing from the center to the edge with fingers.
  5. Carefully peel away the transfer tape.

How To Apply Tree Of Life Inlay Stickers

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From beginners to seasoned professionals, we offer a venue to share.
Please make it reference of your shopping or just browse.

Item Categories

Signature Type

Modify your guitar easily as Signature Model with Inlay Stickers(Decals) !!

Fret Markers Inlay Sticker

Have fun improving the look of your guitar & Bass !
For Maple and Rosewood fingerboard and more.
They will not get caught by your fingers while playing and could be cover 6mm(0.24inch) dot marks easily!!

>>Fret Markers:Traditional

Aged Banjo Type,Block Gibson LP Inlay,Block Crown Epiphone Type,Casino Trapez Epiphone Type,Texan Epiphone Type,Dish/TRAPEZOID Gibson LP Type

>>Fret Markers:Contemporary

Abbey Road,Bat Wing,EKG Line Fret Markers,Cats Foot Print,Roman Numeral Block,Space Invaders,Packman,Yin & Yang,Fleur-de-lis,Caduceus(Snakes on a sword)

>>Fret Markers:Birds

Birds in Flight,Birds /They have a wide array of colors! ---Abalone blue,Abalone green,blackpearl,whitesilver and more!

>>Fret Markers:Tree of Life

These item includes easy-to-follow instruction sheet.
SAKURA /Cherry Blossom Tree,Tree Of Life Custom(Steve Vai),Tree Of Life w/Hummingbird,
Tree Of Life /They have a wide array of colors! ---white,Abalone blue,green,blackpearl,Red,Ocher!

>>Fret Markers:Hard Rock & Metal

Barbed Wire,Bat Wing,Bullet Holes, Dragon Fret Markers,Fire Flames and more!!

>>Cross & Skull

Cross,Skull. 3 color variations.(Abalone Red, Blackpearl,White)
Iron Cross,Sideways Skull with Crossbones...

>>Fret Markers:Dot & Star

These items are basic design.
Custom Dots(color variations: white,abalone blue,,blackpearl),Star.
Small Custom Dots For Fret Side Markers.

>>Fret Markers:For BASS

JAZZ BASS Block 4string and 5string,Tree Of Life,Playing Crad,Fire Flames,Cats Foot Print...


There are a lot of items of the type of Gibson, Martin, PRS and others!! Vintage, Modern and more.
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There are a lot of items of the type of PRS, Taylor and others!!

Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover

Custom Engraved Truss Rod Cover --- $18.50

Upgrade your guitar(s) with a custom engraved cover !!!

Available with 8 font style,2 line(upper & lower),vertically,left-handed!!